Te whakatupu I te kaha o te Rangatahi


The YMCA is offering youth-friendly and youth-centric strengths assessment and coaching programme to young people aged 13-18.

The Clifton Strengths online assessment tool is about helping young people have a self-awareness and language to explain who they are and how they feel. It can also help them recognise why they behave a certain way and enhances their ability to understand the way other people behave.

For young people this can be very empowering – as it removes the negative ‘stigma’ labels and replaces them with positive labels.

Research has shown that when people focus on their talents they are six times happier, six times more successful and enjoy six times healthier personal relationships with others.



How it Works

The online Clifton Strengths assessment has been completed by over 20 million people worldwide, helping millions of people discover their innate way of thinking, feeling and behaving, and by so doing enabling them to live their lives in a way which enhances their talents.

After completing the online assessment, each young person’s 34 individual themes/strengths are grouped into four key domains – Strategic, Relational, Influencing and Executing. The outcomes are not for young people to focus on what they don’t do well, or what weaknesses they need to work on, but to help them understand where they’re most powerful, and how to use that power to make their greatest contribution.

An accredited coach will work through the report with each individual, unpacking the findings in a way which is positive, hopeful, and constructive.



Parent Testimonials



Initial session and coaching session, including follow up notes – $135
Follow up sessions (must be within 2 months of first session) – $70 per session


Haven Gardiner-Gray

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