Wellness Retreat

4 August 2017 - 6 August 2017, from 2pm
YMCA Wainui Park

Do you feel highly stressed?
Do you rush from place to place?
Do you take time out each day to look after your own health and well being?
Do you sleep uninterrupted for eight hours a night?

The likelihood is you can relate to all of these questions. The reality is, in today’s world it is popular to be busy. We seldom step back and reflect on the present.

Our YMCA Wellness Retreat offers you the perfect opportunity to do this. Eat well, sleep well and engage in a combination of both active and passive activities at our idyllic Wainui location.

In the world we live in now, we are often distracted by work commitments, technology and extracurricular activities. This weekend retreat is an opportunity to get back to the basics of life, and find your life balance. We will deliver morning and evening yoga sessions, educate and empower you with nutritional workshops and an inspirational speaker, as well as giving you the opportunity to feel as one with the beautiful Wainui Park environment, with optional guided walks, archery and other activities.

This all inclusive wellness retreat includes two nights accommodation in our lodge style accommodation – Wainui Heights. All catering is included. The menu has been designed by well respected Pegasus Health nutritionist Bronwen King.

So take this opportunity to spend time and energy on your own endeavours, reflect on your year to date whilst taking in the beauty that is Wainui at the same time.

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Julie Doak

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