Operating at Delta Level 2

These are guidelines we are working under for Delta Alert Level 2. The General category applies across all of our facilities, programmes and services.

  • Please stay at home if you are unwell, displaying Covid-19 symptoms or awaiting a Covid-19 test result.
  • Make sure you maintain a distance of 2m from other users.
  • Masks are mandatory while moving about our facilities, but are not required while exercising/climbing/using our cafe/participating in sport.
  • Regular cleaning will be taking place throughout our facilities.
  • Please ensure you always scan in with the COVID Tracer App upon arrival, for you and/or your child.


Health & Fitness Centres
  • All members must bring a towel with them to ALL classes/workouts.
  • Please ensure you come prepared with full water bottles.
  • Please respect our staff who may ask you to leave our facility and obtain a COVID-19 test if you are showing signs of being unwell.
  • All of our staff will be wearing masks when moving around our facility.
  • Lockers will be accessible for all members, please maintain appropriate social distancing when using the changing facilities.
  • For more information on our Level 2 guidelines please view our recent update HERE to full newsletter.


Adventure Centre

Climbing Wall

  • The Climbing Wall side of the centre will have a maximum capacity of 60 people. This is to allow participants to observe the 2 meter distancing requirements.
  • During peak times at the Centre, when we reach the capacity of 60 people we will operate a one in, one out system. To find out how busy the centre is, please call us on 03 3773000 and we can advise you on current numbers. It is not possible to book or reserve a space for casual climbing.
  • There are times when we have groups booked into the Centre and as such will have reduced space for the general public, please see below.
  • For more information on our Level 2 guidelines please view our recent update HERE to full newsletter.
Regular Bookings at the Climbing Wall

Please be aware that we operate several busy programmes at the Centre during the week, check the occupancy counter below to see how many climbers are in the Centre, or alternatively come and climb outside these times. Remember that 60 is the maximum number of climbers we can have in the climbing wall arena:

  • Mondays – 1.30-3.30pm – regular booking = 20
  • Tuesdays – 3pm-5.30pm – regular booking = 30-40
  • Wednesdays – 1pm-6.30pm – regular bookings = 20-30
  • Thursdays – 3pm-6.30pm – regular bookings = 20-30
  • Fridays – 4pm-7.30pm – regular booking = 50

Here is how many climbers are currently in the Centre:

Clip ‘n Climb

  • The capacity of Clip ‘n Climb session will be reduced to a maximum of 30 participants.
  • We have space for one adult helper per Clip ‘n Climb booking.
  • Spectators are not allowed in the main Clip ‘n Climb area.
  • Following your Clip ‘n Climb session (with the exemption of birthday parties) participants will need to leave the Centre and not gather in communal areas.
  • Birthday parties can go ahead as planned with appropriate 2m distancing between groups.
  • Due to a reduced capacity, booking in advance is strongly recommended.

    After School Term Programmes


  • Indoor venues including events and gatherings are limited to 50 people. Each Court is its own venue/room therefore the court limit is 50 people.
  • The stadium will be split into two venues with the curtain between both courts lowered. Each area of our facility will have an individual QR code to speed up contract tracing, if required.
  • You will be directed to which court your child is using, and how to enter and exit the venue via email.
  • Spectators will be included in the 50 people. To manage our numbers we are asking for no spectators in the stadium during this time
  • Please ensure all stadium users come prepared with full water bottles
  • Please note class times will be reduced by 5 minutes to manage crowding. Please be prepared to collect your child 5 minutes early.
    Adventure Centre

  • Please drop off your child and return to collect them at the end of the session.
  • Spectators will be included in the 50 people. To manage our numbers we are asking for no spectators in the stadium during this time

    Early Learning Centre

    Drop Off/Pick Up

  • Please keep 2 metres away from other parents and whanau when signing in and dropping off your children
  • Please wear a mask and ensure you use the hand sanitiser provided after signing in
  • You must use your personal pin on the tablet when dropping off your child, then wipe the tablet down
  • When children are collected, the same precautions above will apply
  • If your child has compromised health such as asthma or other medical conditions that make them susceptible, please seek medical advice. We can give you a form for your doctor to complete which will mean you can extend the time away from the Centre without it affecting your enrolment. Please talk to us about this option if it applies to your child.
    Hygiene and Cleaning

  • All children and adults regularly wash and dry their hands
  • Our teachers are sanitising resources and surfaces multiple times a day
  • If your child or anyone in your bubble is unwell, please keep them at home
  • Each bed and cot will be cleaned before and after each use

    Wainui Park Camp and Arthur’s Pass Outdoor Education Centre
    • Camps are still open for bookings, we encourage you to get in touch ASAP if you wish to book for the remainder for 2021 or early 2022 as these dates are filling fast
    • School groups will be treated as their own bubbles and we have strategies in place to ensure school groups do not mix
    • Additional cleaning of common areas, kitchen and activity equipment is being undertaken before, during and after groups
    • Our staff have undergone training on how to work with groups under the Delta Alert Level 2. This includes managing physical distancing, face covering use and good hygiene practices
    • For further information on how we are delivering safe camps at Alert Level 2 please contact us for our current risk assessment


    Papa Hou
    • Please ensure you scan in with the COVID Tracer App upon arrival or complete a manual entry at reception.
    • Attendance records must be keep by the hirer.
    • Whilst in Papa Hou, please maintain a distance of 1m from other users.
    • Face coverings/masks are recommended in all our indoor spaces
    • Regular cleaning is taking place.

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