Climbing is a fun and exciting activity that everyone can do, and here at the
YMCA Adventure Centre we offer a wide range of courses for climbers of all ages and abilities,
from absolute beginners to intermediate and advanced level.

Adult Courses

Beginners Course

The Basics of Indoor Climbing

Have you just started climbing and want to get better faster? We can take you through the basics which will improve your climbing straight away and assist in continual progress. This is a valuable first step for anyone who is keen to learn good basic techniques for climbing and top rope belaying indoors.
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Climbing Course 1
Beginners Course Details

If you’ve climbed and belayed a few times, or you’ve been to one of our induction sessions, and are keen to learn good basic techniques for climbing indoors, then this is the first step for you.

This Top Rope course is suitable for adults and children (minimum age of 13yrs), course will only run with 2 or more participants.

On completion of this course you will be able to:
* Understand the difference between climbing on slabs, verticals and overhangs
* Demonstrate all the basic hand hold techniques
* Use good footwork to provide balance and momentum
* Appreciate the importance of buddy checks and clear communication
* Demonstrate good rope management skills

The amount of time spent on each topic always depends on the needs of the individual or group.



Lead Climbing Course

An Introduction to Lead Climbing

Are you confident and proficient on top ropes and want to take your climbing to the next level? Three comprehensive sessions with an experienced instructor will provide you with a solid introduction to the skills and knowledge required to lead climb confidently.
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Climbing Course 4
Lead Climbing Course Details
This course is an ideal introduction to lead climbing indoors and is suitable for all confident Top Rope climbers.

On completion of this course you will be able to:
* Demonstrate safe belaying of a lead climber without a backup
* Demonstrate knowledge of lead climbing equipment, terminology and safe practice
* Prepare and manage the rope for lead climbing
* Use safe belaying techniques with confidence
* Understand fall factors and how to hold a fall/take a fall
* Use quick draws and clip/unclip them

The amount of time spent on each topic always depends on the needs of the individual or group.



Technique Course

An Introduction to Climbing Movement

A great introduction to climbing movement. This course is designed to help climbers of all abilities to better analyse and develop climbing skills which will enable them to break through to higher grades.

Climbing Course 6
Technique Course Details

Learn all the necessary skills needed to push yourself further towards your own personal climbing goals, in two comprehensive sessions. A unique opportunity to learn a broad range of skills and apply them systematically to your climbing movement and training.

For intermediate climbers looking to increase their performance in either route climbing or bouldering discipline. You don’t have to be super serious about climbing to get something out of this course, just a willingness to push yourself a little and a keen interest to learn.

On completion of this course you will be able to:
* Train effectively for personal climbing goals
* Understand and apply different training methods
* Apply movement and technique to the climbing wall
* Manage or prevent common climbing injuries
* Gain insight into aspects of mental training (fear of falling or failure)

The course will be tailored to the ability of the group. Experience of 3 months+ is recommended, or climbing grade 16-22 is ideal. Email us for booking and details.



Personal Coaching

With a Professional Instructor

These sessions come with maximum flexibility to meet the specifications of the individual climbers. Can be one-on-one or with a friend.

The girl listens to instructions on climbing by coach
Personal Coaching Details

Personal Coaching offers:
* Strength and movement analysis
* Learning basic to advance techniques
* Specific strength and technical training exercises
* Bouldering, Top Rope and Lead climbing development
* Competition climbing

The content of the training sessions is hugely dependent on the individuals’ level and interests. Email us for booking and details.



YMCA Climbing banner

Youth Courses

Billy Goats & Peak Panthers

These programmes, which run throughout the school term, are an exciting introduction to indoor climbing!  

Students will learn and develop skills in basic climbing technique and the safe belaying of others.  These courses are designed for school students (minimum 9yrs of age) who are keen to experience indoor top rope climbing in a fun, safe and controlled environment with a friendly, experienced instructor.

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little girl climbing a rock wall indoor



Flying Geckos Climbing Club

Kids climbing club, from beginners to experienced. Flying Geckos Climbing Club runs on a Friday evening – between 4:30pm and 7:30pm.

There are four different squads depending on your experience. Progress in a friendly and fun environment, from top rope climbing through to lead climbing.

Climbing Geckos
Flying Geckos Details

The sessions run in term time only, and a couple of times a year excursions are organised.
$20 joining fee to Flying Geckos Climbing Club
$12 term fee plus entry into the YMCA Climbing Centre

Special discount entry rates – $10 per casual entry or $85 per 10 session card (term length)

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Clip n Climb feature

Childrens Courses

After School Programmes at Clip ‘n Climb

These programmes have been created for children between
5 and 9 years who want to develop their climbing skills in a positive and fun
environment at Clip ‘n Climb.

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