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Since 1862, the YMCA has been benefitting the young people of Christchurch through a range of education and leadership programmes. The YMCA has cultivated the environment and opportunities that youth need in order to learn, thrive and grow into a generation of strong leaders. Alongside our youth focus, the YMCA takes pride in being a place of growth and opportunity for all members of our local community, including older adults and people with disabilities.

This project is the culmination of the vision and efforts of the YMCA Christchurch Board. The provision of funding via the government’s ‘shovel ready’ initiative means the YMCA’s aspirations for the youth and communities of Christchurch have been affirmed. These aspirations include refurbished accommodation for travellers visiting Christchurch, a new building for the YMCA’s range of ongoing community-based activities, and a range of new spaces for the community to use and enjoy, including a black-box theatre, a licensed preschool, a health and fitness centre and a dedicated youth space.


YMCA Christchurch is hugely grateful for the support received from Crown Infrastructure Partners



The YMCA remain committed to our cause statement of ‘investing in the next generation’.

Going forwards, this building will provide us with a strong foundation that will allow us to continue to deliver on this commitment.

Our vision for this building looks like bringing youth and youth services back into the city. It looks like future-proofing our current assets for generations to come.

It looks like a place for leaders, creatives, athletes, dancers, students, travellers, young business owners, NGOs and community members to meet together, grow together and thrive together.


Key Dates

Stage One October 5th 2020 – April 2021

Stage Two April 2021 – Early 2023


New Build Features

Refurbished Accommodation
Upgraded Fitness Centre
New Early Learning Centre
Papa Hou Black Box Theatre


Dance Studios
Youth Education Spaces
Multi-use Conference Venue
Youth NGO Offices


Social/Community Impact

The YMCA is committed to engaging the local community and stakeholders throughout this project. As our ideas move from concept to reality, we are actively making a space for community voices to influence our decision making and be a part of the vision for the future of this building. Our focus is to ensure this space is fit-for-purpose for a number of activities and is accessible for all people.
The Build
The YMCA sees the opportunity for this building project to benefit the community from start to finish through our social procurement policy. This policy ensures that our partners and stakeholders are committed to doing their part for the good of the community by working in line with our vision and partnering with us to impact lives. Our build will also provide 120 much-needed employment opportunities for people in Christchurch.
The Future
The YMCA will continue to offer value for every person in the community and positively impact the lives of those who use our services. In particular, this new building will be a space for us to provide our charitable outputs and commitments to supporting, empowering, enabling and celebrating young people from all backgrounds and cultures. This is an investment that will provide value to the community for generations to come.


For our Current Members

YMCA Accommodation
The YMCA’s accommodation will be closed from Monday 5 October 2020, reopening in April 2021.

YMCA City Gym
The YMCA Health and Fitness centre will remain open throughout the build. New operating hours are:
Mon-Thu 5am-9pm, Fri 5am-7pm, Sat-Sun 7am-6pm

Papa Hou
Our bookable venue is still available for events. Click here for more information about Papa Hou.

4C Centre
Our 4C Centre will be relocating during the build. Join our 4C Facebook group page here to stay up-to-date.

YMCA Education Centre
The YMCA Education Centre will remain open.


Design Plans





What’s Happening


Over the next few weeks you will notice that things are getting a bit more hectic with the accommodation refurbishment as the seismic strengthening beings. This involves digging under the building and erecting scaffolding around the building.

From the 28th of November for approximately one week our users will need to enter the YMCA from the front door (off Hereford Street). Our carpark will still be open during this time, other than the 30th of November.

Once the back entrance reopens, there will be a closure of the front entrance for the same work to be completed there. During this time our users will need to enter from the car park entrance only. There will be clear signage as to how to get in the door and, other than public holidays, the gym and other YMCA remain open for business!


Media Releases

Media Release “Shovel Ready” for the next 150 years

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Media Release “Project Provides Jobs”



Staying in Touch

The YMCA is committed to bringing timely and relevant information for all of our users, neighbours, and the wider community throughout this build.

Updates and building information can be found in the following places:

  • This site will be updated weekly with information regarding the building site, including upcoming noise and disruptions.
  • A monthly newsletter will be sent to all of our users and stakeholders with in-depth information about the progress of our build.
  • Follow us on our YMCA Facebook and Instagram pages to make sure you stay updated with everything we are up to.


Site Development Feedback

Community is at the core of everything the YMCA does and our new building project is no different. With that in mind,
we would like to invite our neighbours, members, and stakeholders to use this space to provide any feedback, thoughts
or ideas they may have regarding our site development.

Take the Feedback Survey by clicking on SHOW MORE



Our Partners

Stage One

Stage Two



Calling for Expressions of Interest – YMCA Christchurch Board of Trustees
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