Arthur’s Pass Outdoor Education Centre

The YMCA Christchurch is proud and honoured to announce that the Arthur’s Pass Outdoor Education
Centre is now under YMCA governance and leadership, and we are very excited about this new
opportunity to further drive our mission and cause.

The mission and cause of our organisation aligns so well with that of the Arthur’s Pass Trust guiding objectives for the past 30+ years:

  • To provide accommodation and outdoor education for school children or any other persons interested in promoting the appreciation preservation and conservation of NZ’s natural resources.
  • To promote the study and protection of NZ’s indigenous flora and fauna and to participate in programmes related to the education of children in the conservation of natural resources.

The YMCA has experience with residential camps having owned and operated YMCA Wainui Park for over 80 years. The retiring Arthur’s Pass Education Centre Board have created a Centre which is world class in the realm of Environmental Education, and the YMCA will honour their work and the platform they have created for the next chapter in the Centre’s history.

The YMCA will maintain the Centre’s core purpose of Environmental Education and continue to develop and enhance the Centre’s significant role in inspiring children and young people to love the outdoors, the mountains, the river valleys, and the varied flora and fauna of our alpine environments. Arthur’s Pass Outdoor Education Centre is the only camp in NZ located in a National Park – an amazing asset for New Zealanders to enjoy for many generations to come. The YMCA is looking forward to working with all the schools and groups who have Arthur’s Pass on their Environmental Education programme, and all the new groups who might discover Arthur’s Pass through the YMCAs enthusiastic promotion!
Arthur’s Pass Outdoor Education Centre website


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