After School Recreation

at the Adventure Centre

Tree Frogs

at Clip ‘n Climb

7-9 years
Tree Frogs is skills development focused programme, allowing participants to cross over from climbing on auto belays to top rope climbing on the rock climbing wall. Our instructor will actively encourage and teach participants entry level climbing skills, rather than just being a fun-based programme.

The programme runs for four sessions – the first four weeks of the term, and the last four weeks of the term. Children can opt to do a part or full term depending on what suits them.
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Information & Timetable

Every student receives:
* 4 coached 1 hour sessions
* Certificate of Achievement

A parent or caregiver are required to assist their child with this programme.

$85 per 4 week course

4pm – 5pm



Billy Goats

on the Climbing Wall

9-13 years
A great introduction to climbing.  Students will learn and develop skills in basic climbing technique and the safe belaying of others.  

This course is designed for school students (minimum 9yrs of age) who are keen to experience indoor top rope climbing in a fun, safe and controlled environment with a friendly, experienced instructor.

Participants will be assessed for a Top Rope Belay Licence towards the end of the course.  This is a prerequisite for joining the Flying Geckos Climbing Club for those under 13 years old.
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Information & Timetable

* Top rope belaying
* Basic elements of climbing (holds, movement, balance, resting, etc)
* Bouldering safety
* Adventure based learning (ABL) activities and games
* Basic abseiling
* Different climbing hold types

At the end of each term if the participants who have learned the required skills are awarded a belay licence. This means that even if they are below our age limit of 13 they can still belay (under a guardian’s supervision). Normally we do not allow persons under the age of 13 to belay, so it’s a special privilege to belay under age.

Obtaining a belay licence also means that participants can progress into the Flying Geckos youth club or move into the Peak Panthers after school programme. However progressing into the Peak Panthers requires instructor permission as well as a belay licence.

Term Dates
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
4pm – 5pm 4pm – 5pm 4pm – 5pm 4pm – 5pm

$165 per term (10 weeks)
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Peak Panthers

on the Climbing Wall

9-13 years
Peak Panthers is a year long course broken up over the four school terms. Each term has a specific focus. Term 1 focuses on improving the participant’s climbing skills, Term 2 teaches abseiling, Term 3 focuses on lead climbing and Term 4 combines all of these skills.

You can join throughout the year, but Term 4 is a bit different, it combines skills from the previous terms and therefore requires that participants have attended at least Term 1, Term 2 or Term 3.

Peak Panthers may not be suitable for younger participants or those who have a fear of heights, we recommend attending Billy Goats as a starter course if your child hasn’t climbed before. Instructors will assess and give sign off to attend Peak Panthers once the skills have been attained from the Billy Goats course.
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Information & Timetable
Terms 1 & 3 focuses on lead climbing:

  • Reinforcement of top rope belaying skills
  • Reinforcement of spotting skills
  • Reinforcement of climbing technique
  • Using an ATC style belay device
  • Lead belaying
  • Lead climbing
  • Knot tying
    Terms 2 & 4 focuses on abseiling:

  • Reinforcement of climbing and belaying skills
  • Abseiling
  • Self-protected abseiling
  • Knot tying
  • Ascending and descending rope
  • Setting up their own abseil
    If participants find a particular activity too difficult or scary they can focus on another aspect of climbing instead, like improving technique, knot tying etc. However they will be encouraged to give the activity a good attempt.

    Entry into Peak Panthers requires completion of Billy Goats or staff approval, for children aged 10 years+

    Term Dates
    Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
    4pm – 5:30pm 5pm – 6:30pm 5pm – 6:30pm

    $185 per term (10 weeks)
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    at Papa Hou, City Y

    9-13 years
    Sign up to our archery club and learn the skills, techniques and practice to get you on target!

    Our instructors will teach you all you need to know to get you shooting accurately and building on your skills.

    It’s a lot of fun!
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    4pm – 4:45pm

    $150 per term (10 weeks)




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