YMCA Christchurch has created a fresh makerspace where young people, regardless of background or experience, can explore their creative potential through our tech and innovation hub. We call this place the 4C Centre.

The goal of the Centre is to equip young people with the 4C key competencies (creativity, communication, critical thinking and curiosity) through the use of tech such as 3D printing, virtual reality, CNC cutters, robotics, new computers, editing and design software and more. Here they will have access to brand new computers and laptops enabling them to explore countless “how-to” videos, understand operating systems and research ways to bring their ideas to life. They then have the technology to actually build and create, the equipment to capture their thoughts, and the software to edit and refine their designs. We offer this opportunity for young people without the need for them to pay for materials and resources so that the lack of money does not act as a barrier.



The 4C Centre is available to members 24/7, with staff available during business hours to teach and support. Membership is free with a one time $20 charge for the keycard.

Any person between the ages of 14-25 can apply directly to become a member of the centre (having a personal access card to use equipment). If you would like to have a tour, please contact our 4C Curator at curator4c@ymcachch.org.nz



This is a members only facility that is open for applications for membership from eligible 14-25 year olds.


Access to the Centre will be granted after membership has been approved and an induction to the Centre has been provided.









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By completing a membership application to become a member of the 4C Centre you agree to these Terms & Conditions/Code of Conduct



For all enquiries please email curator4C@ymcachch.org.nz

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