Are you looking to enhance teamwork, communication, leadership, problem-solving or trust within your team?

The YMCA can provide professional, effective and fun team building programmes catered to meeting your development objectives.

With an endless range of ideas, we have many resources and skills at our disposal, including:

  • Experienced and professional facilitators
  • A wide range of adventure based learning (ABL) activities
  • A tailored programme suited to your group/industry and facilitated to achieve your desired outcomes.
Team Building 5

We can come to a location of your choice or you can utilise one of fantastic facilities.

Adventure Centre

Team Building 4

Wainui Park

Team Building 1

Central City

Team Building 3

YMCA Bishopdale
Recreation Centre

Team Building 2

Whether you are wanting a focused afternoon, a day exursion or an accommodated overnight stay – we can provide lots of options!



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