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Getting involved in group exercise is one of the best ways to stay fit, motivated and energised!  At the Christchurch YMCA we offer a number of group exercise classes to cater for all fitness levels, abilities, ages and sizes.  Caring, well trained instructors and small class numbers ensure a friendly, supportive and safe environment in which we will help you to achieve your goals.

Whether you want a great all over workout, muscle strength, fat burning or a gentler stretching and balancing class we have something for everyone.  

Y Fitness


Group Exercise Classes


Increase your fitness, burn body fat and improve co-ordination. Step yourself to a better you.

Step Moves

More complex choreography for the experienced stepper.


Interval weight/cardio stations to improve overall strength and stamina. This is action filled and suitable for all fitness levels.

Boxing Circuit

Popular boxing style class, with drills and skills. Utilizing boxing gloves and focus pads.


Yoga poses linked in flowing movement; excellent for stretching, strength and stress release.
Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga brings balance and wellbeing to mind, body and spirit through stretching and strengthening practices (asana). It also releases stress, anxiety and tension and increases energy levels through breathing practices (pranayama) and relaxation and meditation techniques. Classes are suitable for beginners and experienced, course is for 10 weeks.
Flow Yoga
Flow-yoga links many Yoga poses with fluid rhythmic movement. In this stretch–strengthening style class, the concentration, breathing and body-weight/gravity resistance improves overall body flexibility, strength, alertness and energy levels. Sometimes slow, sometimes faster, each class brings awareness to how Yoga can help bring balance to busy lives.


The ultimate indoor cycling class. Burn up to 800 calories.


A great all over workout for muscle strength and tone, using barbells and weights.


Targeting Tummy, Butts and Thighs. A low impact workout to tone those stubborn areas.


Combination of high-intensity cardiovascular interval training and body weighted strength work guaranteed to make you leaner and stronger.


A diverse all over body workout, provides resistance in virtually any desired direction and in any position.


Pilates provides a balanced blend of strength and flexibility training, engaging the mind and conditioning the whole body.
Beginner Pilates
This course introduces the fundamentals of Pilates training and is a prerequisite for attending the Pilates Intermediate classes.
Intermediate Pilates
The mind + body work together to promote core, strength, flexibility and postural strength. Completion of a Beginners Course is essential.
Life Fit Pilates
Gentle Pilates for older adults or for those with mobility problems. This course is suitable for anyone with back, hip, shoulder or wrist problems, provided medical clearance is given. Course is for 8 weeks.


Group Exercise Timetable - City Y

6:10am Spin 45min Boxing Spin 45min
7am Stretch & Release
8am Stretch
8:30am Beginners Spin Spin
9am Stretch Beginners Spin Circuit
12:10pm Spin 45min


Box Circuit Spin 45min Boxing Spin 45min
5:30pm Spin

Hatha Yoga



Hatha Yoga Spin 45min


6:30pm Pilates


Group Exercise Timetable - Bishopdale

6:10am Boxing Spin 45min Boxing Flow Yoga Circuit
8:10am Spin

Hatha Yoga

9am Pilates Circuit


9:10am Spin 45min
9:30am Step/Pump High/Low Step TBT
10am Pump Pump
10:30am Pilates TBT
11am Flow Yoga Flow Yoga
12pm Spin 45min
4pm Spin
5pm Zumba
5:30pm Flow Yoga Gymstick Spin 45min

Hatha Yoga

6pm Step


Beginners Spin


Step Spin 45min



6:30pm Pilates Pump Circuit Zumba
7pm Boxing



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Life Fit

For Older Adults

Our award winning Life Fit programme offers you qualified, experienced and caring instructors who will bring you classes catering for mature participants or those new to exercise.  The Life Fit programme is designed to:

  • Be fun
  • Keep you agile and active
  • Improve and maintain fitness
  • Give you the opportunity to meet new people

YMCA Life Fit 4


Life Fit Info and Classes

We advise you to check with your GP before embarking on any exercise programme.  It is vital that you inform your instructor of any ailment or medical condition you may have before the start of each session (high blood pressure, diabetes, angina, asthma etc).  Should you be dependent on medication, we expect you to carry your medication on your person for your safety. We recommend you wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing, eg shorts or trackpants with a t-shirt, with safe comfortable shoes.


Life Fit Stretch and Tone
Suitable if you are wishing to begin an exercise programme; gentle aerobics to warm-up the body and mobilize the joints, then gently strengthening, toning and stretching the muscles.
Life Fit Circuit
Cardiovascular and muscle strength exercises. Provides weight bearing exercises essential in the prevention of osteoporosis.
Sit and Be Fit
For people new to exercise with limited mobility, a fun chair-based work out to music which aims to improve muscle strength, heart / lung fitness, joint flexibility and balance.
Life Fit Step
Provides a cardiovascular workout together with hip, leg, and upper body strength and muscle tone.
Life Fit Exercise to Music
Low impact cardiovascular exercise to music, provides strengthening of all major muscle groups, mobilizing of the spine and all the joints, and gentle stretching.
Life Fit Pilates
Gentle Pilates for Older Adults or those with mobility problems. Completion of an Introductory course is essential before attending Level 2 classes; see separate brochure for details

Y Fitness - Life Fit
Pryme Movers
A gym-based session for members and non-members, working on your own programme in the fitness centre under caring guidance from an instructor and in the company of other Life Fit members. Selected times only. Class payment required for non-members.
Life Fit Spin
Stationary bikes are used to get a cardio workout without stressing the joints. Ideal for older adults and beginners who are keen to improve their fitness and/or to lose weight through Spin.
Zumba Gold
Modified Zumba moves to captivating Latin music designed to suit seniors or those just starting to exercise. A fun, low-impact way to improve heart and lung fitness and coordination.
Tai Chi
Chen style Tai Chi promotes good balance, muscle strength, coordination and well-being. Term course.
Sit and Be Fit
For people new to exercise with limited mobility, a fun chair based work out to music which aims to improve muscle strength, heart/lung fitness, joint flexibility and balance. A great class for sociability and meeting new people.


Life Fit Timetable - City Y

8:30am Life Fit Spin
9am PrYme Movers Stretch Core Breathe PrYme Movers Life Fit Spin
11am Life Fit Circuit


Life Fit Timetable - Bishopdale

9am Life Fit Circuit Life Fit Circuit Life Fit Spin Stretch & Tone
Life Fit Circuit
Life Fit Step
9:30am Exercise to Music Stretch & Tone
10am Life Fit Circuit Life Fit Circuit Sit & Be Fit Life Fit Circuit
10:30am Zumba Gold
12pm Life Fit Pilates
Level 1
1pm Life Fit Pilates
Level 1
2pm Life Fit Circuit



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Youth Group Fitness

Energyse is a YMCA group youth fitness programme, for ages 11-15 years old, designed and supervised by one our Registered Exercise Professionals. Energyse encourages fitness, coordination, motivation and working in a team, while having fun and meeting new friends.

Sessions run during term time on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 4pm-5pm, with each day having a different focus:
Monday Team Sports
Wednesday Circuit based (Boot Camp on nice days outside)
Friday Games Day

Participants will complete their own workout for the first 15 Minutes then follow with the various physical activities for the day.




YMCA Bishopdale P 03 359 8320 E

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