Are you planning to hold an event in your neighbourhood or community and need some inspiration for entertainment?

Thanks to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust (CEAT) the Community Fun Days Events Trailer is now available to community groups and individuals to help support local events.

The Events Trailer is equipped with:

  • barbeque and gas bottle
  • trestle table
  • games including pole tennis, balls, hula hoops
  • tug-of-war rope
  • and more

Trailer 1


The Events Trailer has been donated by CEAT to enhance all local events in the greater Christchurch region and to encourage participation across the ages, and in this spirit all we ask is that you are considerate with its use, energetic whilst cleaning it and generous when re-filling the gas bottle!

To make a booking please complete the following details and submit:

Our aim is to make the trailer accessible to all in the community.  For a nominal rental charge of $50 your group will have a great foundation to build a magical community event!





Debra P 359 8320 E


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